We’ll walk through the fire with you

Treatment Professionals

Advisors, family businesses, clinicians and families have unique needs and challenges that require a specialized touch.

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Who can you trust
Therapists face unique challenges when dealing with high net worth clients. Who can you trust to care for your clients as you would – with a combination of skilled expertise, an experienced team ready to tackle any challenges that arise, exceptional discretion, and the type of knowledge that only comes with shared experience?

Sustainable recovery
Clere Consulting can help. Our team has decades of experience in the field and can work with clients of your established practice. We collaborate with you to design the best possible combination of professional services and support, clinician to clinician. We then serve as a liaison between them, the family, you and your clients, ensuring that all the pieces are in place for a sustainable recovery.

My experience working with Sam Dresser and Doug Lyons from Clere Consulting has been extremely positive. They not only have the clinical knowledge and experience but they bring empathy and compassion to their work. They take a systems approach and focus on how to enhance a family’s overall health and happiness by working with individuals and the family as a whole. From the perspective of an advisor, Sam and Doug have been great partners working together to help the families we both serve. I would recommend them to any family struggling with addiction.

– Jill Shipley, Director of Next Generation Education, GenSpring Family Offices