The expertise and confidentiality you require


From intervention strategies and succession planning to check-ins and everything in between, we’re here for advisors, clinicians and families.

Navigating the Journey with Accountability

Successfully navigating the journey ahead should never be left to chance. We incorporate evidenced-based principles taken directly from proven, high-outcome monitoring programs used by airlines for their pilots and health boards for their practicing physicians that meet the needs of all parties involved and the challenges of complex situations.

Opportunities seized

Wealth and privilege afford many opportunities as well as some challenges. The challenge of effectively ensuring that an individual is taking the necessary steps to achieve a lasting recovery and is hitting established landmarks along the way is made more difficult when you add in the responsibilities inherent in maintaining a lifestyle of some prominence. Our team is well-versed in successfully helping this unique cultural group achieve their desired outcomes. Well-planned and coordinated monitoring is conducted in a manner that ensures benchmarks are being met while maintaining client confidentiality.