We’ll walk through the fire with you

Who We Serve

Advisors, family businesses, clinicians and families have unique needs and challenges that require a specialized touch.

Clere Consulting supports advisors, clinicians and families with effective solutions based on decades of clinical and lived experience


Addiction is a chronic illness subject to relapse. Unfortunately, wealth often affords greater access and can insulate an individual from negative consequences, in effect hindering recovery while stressing family and social relationships. We understand this dynamic because we come from families like yours. We’ll help create a safe, supportive environment that increases the chances of both long-term recovery and a positive family dynamic.

Family Business

Ownership and leadership transitions can serve as opportunities to compel the critical examination succeeding generations need to make before assuming authority. Given our experience in addiction and behavioral health, as well as our knowledge of family business systems and dynamics, we can provide family businesses with effective solutions to achieve their succession goals.

Trustees & Advisors

Our team understands the emotional, financial, and legal risks addictive behaviors represent for your client’s family and how those behaviors make your job more difficult. When issues arise, we are an experienced, trustworthy resource who can navigate complex situations with care and confidentiality. We have a proven program based on sound clinical principles and evidence-based practices that can lead to a long-term solution best for all involved.

Treatment Professionals

Therapists and clinicians face unique challenges when dealing with prominent clients. Who can you trust to care for your clients as you would – with a combination of skilled expertise, an experienced team ready to tackle any challenges that arise, exceptional discretion, and the type of knowledge that only comes with shared experience? That’s where our team steps in to collaborate and communicate with you throughout the process.

High Profile Individuals

Wealth and status do not insulate individuals from substance abuse issues. In fact, the combination often exacerbates them as it affords greater access paired with a removal of negative consequences. Helping high profile individuals receive the assistance they require while maintaining confidentiality is something at which our team excels. We understand the sensitive nature of what these individuals and their families are going through and can offer the type of positive, understanding assistance they require.


Addiction and behavioral health issues are linked to many high-stress professions such as the legal and medical fields, finance, arts and entertainment industries, and traditional executive roles. Successfully overcoming addiction while maintaining professional certifications and careers is hard and not easy to do alone. We’ll create a plan that supports achieving their personal and professional goals.