The expertise and confidentiality you require

Workshops & Trainings

From intervention strategies and succession planning to check-ins and everything in between, we’re here for advisors, clinicians and families.

Training You for The Journey

Our team is experienced at giving advisors and families the tools you need to navigate your unique journey.

Sought-After Speakers

Clere Consulting’s principals and partners are sought-after speakers on both the national and international stage. We are adept at engaging professionals and giving them the skills they need  to both recognize the signs of addiction, and then to intervene in a manner that enhances their relationship with their client while simultaneously finding the clinical and culturally astute care required at this level.

Complex cases

Since we specialize in complex cases and have backgrounds in all aspects of business, legal and financial advisement, we understand the challenges professionals like you face and the nuances of dealing with affluent family members. Previous presentations have focused on “Working Successfully with High Net Worth and Prominent Clients” and “Working with Addiction in a Wealth Management Practice.”

Professional development training

Whether we are conducting professional development training for elite advisors or holding a private workshop for a prominent family business, we integrate real life experience from a combined century of experience in the field with a proven process that leads to success, and a compassionate approach that takes the needs of all involved into consideration. The end result is a road map that can help you navigate the journey ahead and the knowledge that the professionals you need will stand beside you at every turn.