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Recovery Coaching

From goal planning to companionship and everything in between, we’re here to support you with a proven, verifiable process of change.

Treatment Is Only The Beginning

A treatment program is just the beginning of the recovery process. As you or your loved one navigate the complexities of reintegrating back into life, our team is there to ensure that plans are in place to ensure a successful transition.

Training for success

If you’ve ever played team sports, or engaged a personal trainer, you are familiar with the concept of coaching. Throughout your training, a coach implements a plan for success keeping your individual strengths and challenges in mind. When you excel, your coach is there to praise you and push you to the next level; when you stumble, your coach is there to help you analyze what went wrong and establish a firm game plan to achieve your desired results.

Training for life

The same fundamentals apply in a much different and more serious game with long-term goals – the journey of recovery. Just as in any sport, team members may share the same goal, but they don’t fully understand their role on the team or the steps required to secure the victory. That’s where a skilled and experienced recovery coach steps in with a results-based plan. He or she will ensure that every team member is working toward the same goal, fully understands their role in the process, and is making progress toward a predictable and verifiable result. That result is a real and sustained recovery that puts all the players back on the same page.