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Family Business Advising

From intervention strategies and succession planning to check-ins and everything in between, we’re here for advisors, clinicians and families.

Planning for Success

Running a family business is challenging in the best of circumstances; addiction issues add another layer of complexity.

A successful transition takes years of planning, especially to open the intergenerational lines of communication. Most family founders and their heirs are tempted to see the succession as transactional in nature: The valuation and terms of the sale are in place, and the tax and financial implications are understood. But the impact of family dynamics on the future business – all the land mines and obstacles to a successful transition between the generations, siblings and in-laws when the balance of power and control shift – is vastly underestimated. The literature and the research are telling us that those businesses have a high likelihood of not succeeding. Add in the complexities of addiction and the odds escalate.

That’s where we come in

We collaborate with single and multifamily offices, attorneys and advisors to family businesses to create tailored, long-term, effective strategies to positively promote change in addicted family members and employees. We bring in the professionals needed to encourage recovery, maintain confidentiality, and effect real and lasting change that can help the next generation of your organization – and your family – navigate the road ahead.

Family business services include:

  • Family business succession planning: vocational and career evaluation and guidance for next generation
  • Special needs or problem situations for trustees, ownership groups, and senior management
  • Consult with family trustees
  • Education and awareness
  • Development of best practices on integrating and addressing addiction and behavioral issues within trust documents to ensure treatment and recovery will happen and are supported
  • Family business professional training
    • – Understanding of addiction and the concepts of recovery
    • – Recognizing signs of addiction within your clients
  • Presentations at family conferences
    • – Development of a family recovery philosophy
    • – Family education
    • – Family meetings

Fortunately, family businesses are in a perfect position to use financial and employment leverage with a family member who is struggling.

– Sam Dresser, Co-founder