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Companion Services

From intervention strategies and succession planning to check-ins and everything in between, we’re here for advisors, clinicians and families.

Walk By Your Side

When you need someone to walk by your side for a segment of your journey, our team is there to assist. We can take you to where you need to go and ensure that everything is ready for your arrival.

Practical assistance

Getting there is half the journey, but you don’t have to go it alone. Therapeutic recovery companions can be at your side – or the side of a loved one – at every step. These trained professionals offer support for the individual throughout their day, whether during their normal daily routine, or a significant event. Available on a short-term or a more long-term basis, these companions offer a sense of stability by being there at a time when a return to normal routines can feel overwhelming.

These culturally competent individuals are accustomed to dealing with clients of high net worth and/or prominence and the particular life challenges they face.