The Expertise and Confidentiality You Require

Clere guides individuals, families, and advisors towards long-term
independence from addiction and co-occurring disorders.

CLERE CONSULTING specializes in acute complex cases requiring experience and creative solutions



Addiction is a chronic illness subject to relapse. Unfortunately, wealth often affords greater access and can insulate an individual from negative consequences, in effect hindering recovery while stressing family and social relationships. We understand this dynamic because we come from families like yours. We’ll support you throughout treatment and beyond, with personalized programs that foster understanding and support a positive outcome.


Trustees & Advisors

Our team understands the emotional, financial, and legal risks addictive behaviors represent for your client’s family and how those behaviors make your job more difficult. When issues arise, we are the experienced, trusted resource who can navigate this complex situation with care and confidentiality. We have a proven program based on sound clinical principles and evidence-based practices that can lead to a long-term solution best for all involved. 

Transitional Guidance

Family Businesses

Clere Consulting is a valuable resource for family business leaders and their advisors seeking to transition the next generation into positions of responsibility. Given the breadth of our background in addiction and behavioral health, as well as our experience and knowledge of family business systems and dynamics, we provide family businesses with effective solutions to achieve their succession goals.

Collaboration & Communication

At Clere Consulting, we coach our clients on how to successfully navigate life’s turns – wherever they may lead. We work to understand the complex issues impacting clients and determine the best solutions for them. While your loved ones are in treatment, our experienced team collaborates with clinical professionals to ensure that they are on the right path and that lines of communication remain open. We then help families develop new ways of thinking, communicating and behaving with one another through a verifiable change process that leads to a sustained, long-term recovery.
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You are brave and courageous. You are giving your clients a chance at recovery. You are also giving families a chance at peace and healing.
—DOUG LYONS Co-founder
The opposite of addiction Is not sobriety
– it’s human connection