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Family Businesses

Advisors, family businesses, clinicians and families have unique needs and challenges that require a specialized touch.

Transitional Guidance

100+ years of experience

Ownership and leadership transitions serve as opportune moments to leverage the critical self-examination and changes succeeding generations need to make before assuming authority. Given the breadth of our 100+ years of experience in addiction and behavioral health, as well as our knowledge of family business systems and dynamics, we provide family businesses with effective solutions to achieve their succession goals.

The overall succession picture

Whether you are an outside advisor or a highly involved family member, you understand how critical it is to treat addiction or other behavioral conditions before a transition occurs. When handled correctly, the next generation of leadership understands the overall succession picture, their place within it, and has clearly communicated performance expectations to make the transition a success. Since transition is an ongoing journey, our team remains engaged throughout the process, playing an advisory role and bringing in external resources when necessary.

The overall succession picture

We look forward to helping your organization make thoughtful, healthy decisions that ensure future business success and harmonious relationships.

Recovery and The Family Business
Samuel Dresser, M.B.A., L.A.D.C.
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With the help, support, and resources of Clere Consulting, the ownership group has been able to tackle challenging communication and personal issues that could have derailed our strategic goals. Sam helped us create the boundaries and accountability to build a flexible, happy team of people that live in the moment, take care of themselves and take advantage of opportunities that arise and change on a daily basis.

– Dawn Brommer, CEO, MaxTech