We’ll walk through the fire with you.

Family Offices and Advisors

Advisors, family businesses, clinicians and families have unique needs and challenges that require a specialized touch.

Trusted Resource

Experienced, trusted resource

Our team understands the emotional, financial, and legal risks addictive behaviors represent for your client’s family and how those behaviors make your job more difficult. When issues arise, we are the experienced, trusted resource who can navigate this complex situation with care and confidentiality. We have a proven program based on sound clinical principles and evidence-based practices that can lead to a long-term solution best for all involved.

From families like those you advise

Comprised of licensed addiction professionals and those trained in behavioral counseling and family business advising, we have over 60 years of recovery experience. Perhaps most importantly, we come from families like those you advise, so we understand the complex family and public-facing dynamics of your situation. Utilizing our own expertise as well as an industry-leading network of treatment professionals, we help remove the impact addictive behaviors have on your client relationship.

Your clients on their journey 

We are there during a crisis and offer ongoing support for your clients on their journey – whether they are across the country or around the world.

Through our professional, recovery and personal lives we know many beneficiaries who struggle to abstain and find meaningful lives without alcohol and drugs. You, as trustee, have the power to collaborate with professionals and insist your beneficiaries start down the path to recovery.

- Samuel Dresser, MBA, LADC