Do I Need to Be Monitored to Have a Successful Recovery?

Do I Need to Be Monitored to Have a Successful Recovery?

Clere Consulting offers monitoring services to keep you or your loved one on track during addiction treatment. Wealth presents increased opportunities to fall off track. For that reason, we ensure you continue engaging in the recovery process even years down the road. 

At first, monitoring may feel odd, but our clients can and do benefit. When you think of being monitored, you may have this misguided concept that you will be under constant surveillance with no privacy. That is not what monitoring at Clere Consulting is, though. Monitoring is simply a term we use to describe how we track your treatment, recovery, and goal progression. That may include intervention strategies, succession plans, long-term check-ins, and connecting you with other outside resources. 

Together, we can celebrate your wins and analyze the factors involved in any missteps. A journey with Clere Consulting means never having to go on your recovery journey alone. Consider consulting with us today.

How We Monitor at Clere Consulting

Monitoring at Clere Consulting offers you or your loved ones the opportunity to track your progress in recovery. It benefits every party involved as we can then collaborate on where there is room for improvement on your recovery journey.


However, monitoring also provides the chance to be held accountable for your treatment. Accountability is why many addiction treatment programs stress the importance of a sober community. Yes, it is beneficial to hear the stories of others, but it also helps everyone in the program to be held accountable for their recovery.

Evidence-Based Principles

Addiction is a complex disorder that comes with intricacies, especially when wealth and prominence are involved. Falling into a relapse can be so unexpected that it is best not to leave things up to chance. Clere Consulting implements evidence-based principles from proven, high-outcome monitoring programs used by airlines for their pilots and health boards for their practicing physicians. These principles will offer loved ones the chance to experience the challenges of complex situations.

Additionally, monitoring services, in addition to continuous recovery coaching, are effective when treating individuals and families. We design effective monitoring solutions that meet the needs of all parties involved and the challenges of complex situations. More challenges are present when you account for the added responsibility of maintaining a lifestyle of prominence. Creating goals and landmarks to meet during your treatment will help you face these challenges. Monitoring allows us to ensure you are hitting those goals and landmarks as they relate to your overall long-lasting recovery.

Setting Goals and Relapse Prevention

Aside from the efficacy of monitoring individuals during treatment, relapse prevention helps keep that progress on track long after you have left a facility. Relapse prevention has been around for decades. According to the journal Substance Abuse Treatment Prevention and Policy, the definition of relapse prevention has changed over the decades. 

However, we know that relapse is a “setback” that occurs during recovery. Many see relapse as a failure, but it is far from that. Unfortunately, relapse occurs so frequently that many consider it part of the recovery process. It does not have to be, but your ability to handle relapse healthily speaks volumes more to your progress than you experiencing a relapse.

While the concept of relapse prevention has changed, the core has remained the same. Individuals in treatment should work with their counselors, case managers, or other mental health professionals to create a plan of action for when they leave treatment. This plan should include any triggers they believe they will face, potential challenges during early treatment, and gathered information on various resources they can use. The goal is that should relapse rear its ugly head, you or your loved one will have the chance to handle it by utilizing the tools learned during treatment.

Why Choose Clere Consulting?

Mental health care treatment has evolved so much in the past few decades that it has become difficult for people to know what kind of treatment they should seek. With the expansion of telemental health care, knowing where to go is even more difficult. Our thought process at Clere Consulting is that the best treatment facility is the one that is best for you. We are connected with many professionals and treatment centers across the country and have the means to connect you with the right one.

With our clinical knowledge, monitoring process, verifiable change process, and years of hands-on experience, we can help you or a loved one find recovery. Reach out to learn more or consult with us today. 

The word monitoring may initially sound alarming to many. People may imagine monitoring entails constant supervision and a complete lack of privacy. While sometimes this notion may be true, that is not the case regarding addiction recovery. Clere Consulting implements a monitoring process in order to track the progress of your or a loved one’s treatment. Tracking allows us to see areas of success, recognize potential areas of improvement, and consistently change treatment plans when necessary to ensure effectiveness. In addition to being able to track your progress, monitoring will help keep you accountable for your recovery as well. Throughout your treatment, there will be opportunities for growth, and Clere Consulting wants to help you in any way we can. We offer years of experience, clinical expertise, and endless connections. If you or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment, consider contacting Clere Consulting at (866) 384-8847 today.