The list of services provided in our engagement include:

  • Consultation with parents and family members
  • Review of case history and evaluation of current needs
  • Creation of intervention and treatment strategies and provider selection
  • Customized Family Workshops and presentations
  • Access to your Clere representative 24/7
  • Coaching for families
  • Consultation and coordination of treatment providers
  • Continuing care planning
  • Continuous Recovery coaching/monitoring for individuals and families
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly check-ins with family and patient as necessary

We also provide the following services:


  • Parent consultation and coaching
  • Case management, monitoring of care and coordination of services
  • Family Education
  • Family Meetings


  • Advisor training/webinar
    • Understanding of addiction and the concepts of recovery
    • Recognizing signs of addiction within your clients
  • Presentations at Family Conferences
    • Development of a Family Recovery philosophy
    • Family education
    • Family meetings
  • Education and awareness
  • Speaking or presentations


  • Family Business succession planning: vocational and career evaluation and guidance for next generation
  • Special needs or problem situations for Trustees, ownership groups, and senior management
  • Consult to Family Trustees
  • Education and awareness
  • Speaking or presentations, best practices on integrating and addressing addiction and behavioral issues within trust documents to ensure treatment and recovery will happen and are supported