Turning The Corner

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Starting with a discussion on a family member’s use of alcohol, drugs, or other disordered behaviors, such as gambling, spending, eating or compulsive internet use, we ascertain the following:

  • FIT – Are we the right resource, does our process lend itself to the specifics of the family’s needs, is the family motivated to begin?
  • HISTORY – What has been the family’s past treatment experience?
  • ALIGN – Can we align the family’s goals and expectations with our experience of addictive behavior outcomes?


If we are able to align the shared goals and expectations, the next step is to schedule a face-to-face meeting to evaluate the situation and create a plan of action. Our investigation includes:

  • Comprehensive research into medical history, treatment history, past outcomes.
  • Discussion and analysis of the problem, severity, complexity, duration and any potential co-occurring issues.
  • Jointly identify critical family team.
  • Investigation of Recovery Capital.
    • What external, internal, strengths and resources are available?
    • How to match energy and resources for the right level of intervention?

Upon completion of the comprehensive analysis, present a plan or course of action to the family.


We educate your family on the plan of action and prepare you to be in the best position to support recovery through:

  • Education
    • Tailored workshop and education designed for your family.
    • Coaching and consultation with your family system.
  • Referrals for support from our extensive network of specialists.
  • Nurture the critical family team’s resolve and cohesiveness.
  • Review treatment center options that meet family needs and circumstances for the best possible outcome.
  • Discuss and plan with the family for a successful intervention.


Execute the Intervention and Recovery Plan for the individual and the family.

  • Engage critical family team for intervention.
  • Execute intervention and facilitate admission to selected treatment center.
  • Begin execution of the treatment recovery support plan.
  • Communicate progress of action to critical family team.

Turning The Corner

To ensure long-term engagement in recovery and provide the greatest chance of success, we help you turn the corner via:

  • Providing case management during and after treatment, monitoring adherence to plan and making recommendations and adjustments when needed.
  • Monitoring, supporting and communicating treatment goals, progress and other information to ensure critical family team awareness throughout the process.
  • Supporting the individual and family members in their recovery plan.
  • Facilitating planned family meetings for updates, education and support of recovery plan.
  • Strengthening, encouraging and supporting family change.
  • Continuous engagement until goals are achieved.
  • Celebrating your family’s journey of recovery.