Clere Consulting provides hope during a challenging time.

Clere Consulting understands the emotional, financial, and legal risks that addictive behaviors represent for your client’s family. We appreciate how closely connected you are to both your client and their family, and how addictive behaviors make your job more difficult. When issues arise, Clere Consulting is the resource you can call on to navigate this complex situation.

We are licensed addiction professionals, trained in behavioral counseling and family business advising. Together we have over 60 years of recovery experience. We customize our solutions using sound clinical principles

and evidence-based practices leading to a long-term positive outcome. Utilizing our expertise, and an industry-leading network of treatment professionals, we help remove the impact addictive behaviors have on your client relationship.

We are there during a crisis and offer ongoing support for your clients across the country or around the world.

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“My experience working with Sam Dresser and Doug Lyons from Clere Consulting has been extremely positive. They not only have the clinical knowledge and experience but they bring empathy and compassion to their work. They take a systems approach and focus on how to enhance a family’s overall health and happiness by working with individuals and the family as a whole. From the perspective of an advisor, Sam and Doug have been great partners working together to help the families we both serve. I would recommend them to any family struggling with addiction.”

– Jill Shipley, Director of Next Generation Education, GenSpring Family Offices